Southwest Technical Products Corporation

This site's purpose is to address the lack of technical information for some of the rarer vintage computers and related peripherals, with a strong focus on SWTPC. Any suggestions and submissions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to a wonderful offer and lots of effort from Michael Holley, this site is absolutely the best source of SWTPC computer related technical information and documentation on the Internet. More than 600 pages of assembly instructions, schematics, program listings, catalogs, photos and much, much more!

Michael Holley's massive SWTPC 6800/6809 documentation collection.

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I realize that SWTPC also supplied in kit form audio amplifiers, a theremin, frequency counters, and I'm sure other things I'm not aware of. If you have scanned documentation, literature or catalogs and scanned or digital photos of these non-computer SWTPC items and would like to have them added to this site, please contact me. If you have ready to post web pages, so much the better d8^)

I'm sorry that I am unable to respond to the many requests for information on these non-computer related SWTCP products. Until this information is supplied to me I cannot make it available here.

Down here, I hope to be adding links to photos and some information on the scarcer computer equipment.

For example:  Commodore Educator 64, Model 4064, Serial # T022224

Bill's Knowledge Base

This is a link to my tips, techniques and all sorts of other information related to vintage computers. Most of this will be snips from email, discussion groups and newsgroups and will be presented as FAQS. As I get time, I'll be adding lots of goodies to this area.

My Family Tree

Click on the above link to check out my Pictorial Family Tree! This is a work in progress, and I'm trying to work on only one branch at a time. Please download and investigate some of these early photographs I've restored. Zoom on in. Fantastic details are available even at 1600% of the original size. What awesome details were hidden in these ancient photographs, yet most of the originals I processed only measured 3 by 5 inches. If you have a photo or graphics program that can handle the large file sizes, download some of the files and zoom on in. Check out the detail that it is possible to recover from these early fine-grained photographs with the proper equipment, software and skills. Most of the sepia (brownish color) photographs on this portion of my website were totally washed out. After I ran special content histograms on these photos and performed the necessary digital processing and corrections, well, just check them out for yourself.


SWTPC Information Bonanza, Everything SS-50, and a whole lot more.